Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hello Everyone!


So as this is my first ever post i thought i would make it a 'Get to know me' post. I'm new to the whole blogging scene and I'm not really sure how this is going to work out but lets give it a try.
My names Sophia and I'm 19, I've just finished college and am due to start a nail course in September! the reason i started this blog was because i have in the past 9 months got really addicted to you tube, i have some regular youtubers that i watch all the time and they really are inspiring to watch. later i found out that allot of youtubers have blogs, and you can tell where this is going... i then really got into checking blogs all the time and reading reviews on things.
So at the moment i have a real interest in makeup, fashion and nail art so that's what i am going to focus this blog on, as well as my everyday life if anything exciting comes my way. i will mainly be doing reviews on products that i buy because i am a bit of a shop-a-holic! I love getting all the new makeup items and nail varnish's.
I'm on instagram as well, that's where i put all my nail art pictures that i do and anything that looks cute, mostly my cat! my instagram is 'sophia123321'
i think that's about it and hopefully my next post will be a beauty/makeup one!

(hi, thats me up there!)


  1. Hello Sophia!
    Thank you for your lovely comment your Stunning!!
    I started my blog a year ago this time last year and its been something I have loved doing..hope it works out for you too. Anyways ive subbed so count me in! my biggest advice to you is get a blog twitter account youll meet lots of bloggers on there, Im @Aspirationsofgl drop me a tweet. Look forward to reading bits and pieces from you.


    1. Thank you so much! when i first started this blog i really didn't think anyone would read it but i seem to have followers and people that like what i am talking about and it really is heart warming! i am loving it so far, i could blog all day long as well as reading other peoples blogs! I'm hoping to do a sort of interview blog post if you interested? i will defiantly take your advice!! thanks again, I'm no long just talking to myself!! xxxx