Friday, 27 July 2012

My Makeup Collection.

I'm going to warn you now before you read this that it may be long and there are a lot of pictures because i wanted you to able to see everything that i have! let me know if you like it... oh and also you will find i haven't included my brushes because that is going to be a different post altogether :)

so lets get this party started.

My makeup collection is something that i have collected over the past year and a half, i wasn't really very interested in makeup and beauty until about 9 months ago and until you start looking at blogs and you tube videos you don't realise how many beauty products and brands are out there! i love all my make up and i can honestly say that i use everything that i own.

i store my make up in this bad boy...

The first 2 small drawers on top just have odd things in, the one on the left has nail varnishes that i am using at the moment or new ones that i want to try out and the draw on the right has spare make up brushes that i don't have out on display. so this unit was from Salisbury's home base and was £60 it is defiantly worth the money and is so useful, the draws are big and easy to get out. its also not to bulky which i find with some units, this is just perfect for my room and if you can't tell from the picture its white.  on top of my makeup storage i have candles and room sprays, an earring holder and a little mirrored jewellery box to hold some of my necklaces. so the most boring bit is done, now on to the makeup!!

So this is what i like to call my face draw, it has all my foundations, face primers, powder, bronzer, blusher and highlighter!  I'm not going to go through it and tell you what every product is because I'm hoping you will all be able to tell what i have from the pictures.

Now this is my eyeshadow draw, i really like this one, it has my favourite palette EVERRRR... Urban Decay Naked 1 its just the best and i use it every day, i have a few maybelline colour tattoo and one mac paint pot in painterly, and then i have quite a few Barry m dazzle dusts, they were my favourite when i was 13 haha! 

This is my lip glosses, i have lip gloss and lipstick in the same draw but all my lip glosses are in a pretty little flowery tin from paper chase inside the white draw. I'm not really a lip gloss girl, i hate it when they go sticky and my hair gets stuck to my lips, lets just face it, its not a nice look when your hairs stuck your lips is it. i use them occasionally mostly on holiday on the beach if i just want a subtle glossiness, so there you go theres my lip glosses. 

Now my lipsticks, these have got to be my favourite make up item, i just love lipsticks! at first i was scared to use them and associated them with what my mum wears but now i have more than her! i think my favourite brand is Barry m, i have no mac lipsticks at the moment and really feel like i am missing out but i will be getting some soon don't you worry! i really do love Revlon lip butters, i have 6 and i use them all the time, there my go to product if my lips are a bit too dry for a lipstick and i want something a bit more glossy and nourishing.

This my mascara and eyeliner draw, this is my least favourite draw, although i love mascara and couldn't  live without it, i just don't find this draw exciting! maybe it will grow on me but for now it just makes me sad to look at!

And last of aaaalllllllll, my palettes, i don't have many but i have a few, the NYX one is just pure cream glitters and its so beautiful, my sister got it me a year a go and i use it quite a lot, it just adds a little sparkle to a night time eye look, i also have my benefit cabana glama, this is a really nice holiday palette and i fell that if i threw this in my beach bag and needed a bit of make up to make myself presentable for lunch this would do the job perfectly, it was £28.50 but its so useful, inside there is... some kinda gorgeous foundation, hoola bronzer, 3 eye shadows which together work lovely and poise tint, you just have everything you need and i just can't praise it enough i want to give it a little pat on the back.

So that was my makeup collection, it was a crazy long post but i wanted to do it and show everyone, I'm not bragging i just love reading these posts and looking at makeup collections on you tube so i thought, why not do my own! i hope you all liked this! love you all xx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Days Diary.

image from We heart it.

In case you didn't know, i work in a primary school and have just broken up for summer just yesterday and i was thinking of doing a summer diary, i will try to do one everyday but if i don't do much one day i won't update you all on my boring life! 

i haven't really got much planned for the summer, I'm just relaxing because now I've finished college i have no work left to do! I'm going on holiday with my family in august, I'm also doing some childminding and also seeing family. I'm looking forward to September because I've enrolled in to a nail course because doing nails is one of my favourite things to do, I'm just hoping it all works out because I've got it all planned out!
This past week we've had such lovely weather its been really nice being able to sit outside in the sunshine and BBQ and just enjoy the weather because lets face it in England its sunny one minute and the next it could be pouring with rain!

I know this was a bit of  random post but i just wanted to do a little update and let you all know what i will be doing. I've got lots of good ideas for posts such as a makeup collection and nail polish collection  and lots more. so look out for upcoming posts i am hoping to blog everyday so lets hope that i manage that!
also a quick thank you to everyone who does read or comment at least it lets me know that someone is interested! it really does mean a lot.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


The other day i was in Boots (oh what a surprise!) and i went over to the Models Own counter, i never usually go over there because its never floated my boat really. so when i went over i was pleasantly surprised at what i saw! i was looking at the nail polishes and they were 2 for £7.50 instead of £5 each which i thought was really good, so i took advantage and left with 3 new nail polishes. really i should of got 4, i have no idea why i only got 3! recently i have been loving glitter polishes! and when i walked out of the shop i realised that all 3 of my new nail varnishes were glitter ones so yes i did go about mad for glitter in boots but oh well, who doesn't love a bit of glitter?

Also i have been totally loving Essie nail polishes, the counter in the Boots that i go to has only recently arrived and i can't help but get a new colour every time i go and my collection is slowly growing! i got 'Tarte Deco' and i LOVE this colour! its such a nice orangey coral, its so creamy and pastelly i just love it so so much, i have already used it loads! 

top left - Essie Tarte Deco £7.99 Top Right - Models Own Pink fizz
Bottom Left - Models Own Disco Mix Bottom Right - Models Own Ibiza Mix

Models Own Pink fizz is by far the nicest glitter nail polish i have ever used,  i used 2 coats and it was such an opaque colour and it looked like i had just dipped my nail in glitter, so lovely! its such a lovely colour as well, its a Rose gold pinky coloured glitter and just so pretty.

Models own Ibiza mix this is from the HedKandi collection and has some really lovely flecks of glitter in it, its got pale pink, blue, green, silver and gold. they all compliment each other really well, the only thing that i was a bit disappointed with is that the glitter is a bit spacey and it really does take a few coats if you were to wear it on its own, but if you were just using it as a glittery top coat then this would be great! 

Models Own Disco mix is another lovely colour! its got pink, purple and blue glitters in it as is very much like pink fizz in the way it applies, it takes just 2 coats and you have a very opaque glittery nail!! its such a nice colour to wear on you toes on holiday when you have a tan or anytime of the year! this is my favourite out of all the Models Own colours that i picked up.

So thats a little Haul/Reveiw! hope you all liked it and don't forget to follow my blog! 


Friday, 13 July 2012

REVEIW: Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blusher

Hi There!

Today i thought i would do my first beauty\makeup review! so being a sell confessed make up addict I'm always in boots looking around for new products, i have recently found a love for Revlon, i love there foundation, lip butters, lip gloss and now they have brought out a Cream blusher! i actually went in to boots on Thursday looking for some kind of cream blusher because i wanted to try something different, i had my heart set on getting the NO7 cream blusher stick but then i saw this...

i picked up the colour Flushed, its a very vibrant blue toned pink, its almost a bit neon in some lights, the consistency is really cream and smooth, when applied to the face it turns to a powder finish. the product is very blend able and build able. i have preferred to use a small stippling brush to get just a light flushed cheek but to get more of a vibrant colour i would suggest using your fingers. the one thing that i would change about this product so that i would love it ever more would be for it to have a dewy finish rather than Matt. I'm really liking going for a simple, natural glowy look but this cream blush really at a nice effect to your makeup. i only have one shade but i do know that they come in 3 shades... Flushed, Pinched (a nude peach) and Coral reef (a orangey pink)

not the best swatch i know but its better than nothing!

Overall i really am liking this product and think the Revlon PhotoReady range is great, i might do a review on the whole PhotoReady range that i have because i love to use all of it!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hello Everyone!


So as this is my first ever post i thought i would make it a 'Get to know me' post. I'm new to the whole blogging scene and I'm not really sure how this is going to work out but lets give it a try.
My names Sophia and I'm 19, I've just finished college and am due to start a nail course in September! the reason i started this blog was because i have in the past 9 months got really addicted to you tube, i have some regular youtubers that i watch all the time and they really are inspiring to watch. later i found out that allot of youtubers have blogs, and you can tell where this is going... i then really got into checking blogs all the time and reading reviews on things.
So at the moment i have a real interest in makeup, fashion and nail art so that's what i am going to focus this blog on, as well as my everyday life if anything exciting comes my way. i will mainly be doing reviews on products that i buy because i am a bit of a shop-a-holic! I love getting all the new makeup items and nail varnish's.
I'm on instagram as well, that's where i put all my nail art pictures that i do and anything that looks cute, mostly my cat! my instagram is 'sophia123321'
i think that's about it and hopefully my next post will be a beauty/makeup one!

(hi, thats me up there!)