Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Days Diary.

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In case you didn't know, i work in a primary school and have just broken up for summer just yesterday and i was thinking of doing a summer diary, i will try to do one everyday but if i don't do much one day i won't update you all on my boring life! 

i haven't really got much planned for the summer, I'm just relaxing because now I've finished college i have no work left to do! I'm going on holiday with my family in august, I'm also doing some childminding and also seeing family. I'm looking forward to September because I've enrolled in to a nail course because doing nails is one of my favourite things to do, I'm just hoping it all works out because I've got it all planned out!
This past week we've had such lovely weather its been really nice being able to sit outside in the sunshine and BBQ and just enjoy the weather because lets face it in England its sunny one minute and the next it could be pouring with rain!

I know this was a bit of  random post but i just wanted to do a little update and let you all know what i will be doing. I've got lots of good ideas for posts such as a makeup collection and nail polish collection  and lots more. so look out for upcoming posts i am hoping to blog everyday so lets hope that i manage that!
also a quick thank you to everyone who does read or comment at least it lets me know that someone is interested! it really does mean a lot.


  1. Hi I'm new to blogging too :)and only have one follower. I think your blogs really good :)

    Daisy x

    1. Thank you so much! that really does mean a lot! i was so nervous at first thinking why am i doing this because no ones reading it and I'm just talking to myself, but you will be surprised, and if you look at other peoples blogs and comment on them people will read you comment and have a little look at your blog!
      Sophia x