Friday, 27 July 2012

My Makeup Collection.

I'm going to warn you now before you read this that it may be long and there are a lot of pictures because i wanted you to able to see everything that i have! let me know if you like it... oh and also you will find i haven't included my brushes because that is going to be a different post altogether :)

so lets get this party started.

My makeup collection is something that i have collected over the past year and a half, i wasn't really very interested in makeup and beauty until about 9 months ago and until you start looking at blogs and you tube videos you don't realise how many beauty products and brands are out there! i love all my make up and i can honestly say that i use everything that i own.

i store my make up in this bad boy...

The first 2 small drawers on top just have odd things in, the one on the left has nail varnishes that i am using at the moment or new ones that i want to try out and the draw on the right has spare make up brushes that i don't have out on display. so this unit was from Salisbury's home base and was £60 it is defiantly worth the money and is so useful, the draws are big and easy to get out. its also not to bulky which i find with some units, this is just perfect for my room and if you can't tell from the picture its white.  on top of my makeup storage i have candles and room sprays, an earring holder and a little mirrored jewellery box to hold some of my necklaces. so the most boring bit is done, now on to the makeup!!

So this is what i like to call my face draw, it has all my foundations, face primers, powder, bronzer, blusher and highlighter!  I'm not going to go through it and tell you what every product is because I'm hoping you will all be able to tell what i have from the pictures.

Now this is my eyeshadow draw, i really like this one, it has my favourite palette EVERRRR... Urban Decay Naked 1 its just the best and i use it every day, i have a few maybelline colour tattoo and one mac paint pot in painterly, and then i have quite a few Barry m dazzle dusts, they were my favourite when i was 13 haha! 

This is my lip glosses, i have lip gloss and lipstick in the same draw but all my lip glosses are in a pretty little flowery tin from paper chase inside the white draw. I'm not really a lip gloss girl, i hate it when they go sticky and my hair gets stuck to my lips, lets just face it, its not a nice look when your hairs stuck your lips is it. i use them occasionally mostly on holiday on the beach if i just want a subtle glossiness, so there you go theres my lip glosses. 

Now my lipsticks, these have got to be my favourite make up item, i just love lipsticks! at first i was scared to use them and associated them with what my mum wears but now i have more than her! i think my favourite brand is Barry m, i have no mac lipsticks at the moment and really feel like i am missing out but i will be getting some soon don't you worry! i really do love Revlon lip butters, i have 6 and i use them all the time, there my go to product if my lips are a bit too dry for a lipstick and i want something a bit more glossy and nourishing.

This my mascara and eyeliner draw, this is my least favourite draw, although i love mascara and couldn't  live without it, i just don't find this draw exciting! maybe it will grow on me but for now it just makes me sad to look at!

And last of aaaalllllllll, my palettes, i don't have many but i have a few, the NYX one is just pure cream glitters and its so beautiful, my sister got it me a year a go and i use it quite a lot, it just adds a little sparkle to a night time eye look, i also have my benefit cabana glama, this is a really nice holiday palette and i fell that if i threw this in my beach bag and needed a bit of make up to make myself presentable for lunch this would do the job perfectly, it was £28.50 but its so useful, inside there is... some kinda gorgeous foundation, hoola bronzer, 3 eye shadows which together work lovely and poise tint, you just have everything you need and i just can't praise it enough i want to give it a little pat on the back.

So that was my makeup collection, it was a crazy long post but i wanted to do it and show everyone, I'm not bragging i just love reading these posts and looking at makeup collections on you tube so i thought, why not do my own! i hope you all liked this! love you all xx

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  1. I love seeing other people's makeup collections, I reckon it's because I'm just really nosey.