Thursday, 19 July 2012


The other day i was in Boots (oh what a surprise!) and i went over to the Models Own counter, i never usually go over there because its never floated my boat really. so when i went over i was pleasantly surprised at what i saw! i was looking at the nail polishes and they were 2 for £7.50 instead of £5 each which i thought was really good, so i took advantage and left with 3 new nail polishes. really i should of got 4, i have no idea why i only got 3! recently i have been loving glitter polishes! and when i walked out of the shop i realised that all 3 of my new nail varnishes were glitter ones so yes i did go about mad for glitter in boots but oh well, who doesn't love a bit of glitter?

Also i have been totally loving Essie nail polishes, the counter in the Boots that i go to has only recently arrived and i can't help but get a new colour every time i go and my collection is slowly growing! i got 'Tarte Deco' and i LOVE this colour! its such a nice orangey coral, its so creamy and pastelly i just love it so so much, i have already used it loads! 

top left - Essie Tarte Deco £7.99 Top Right - Models Own Pink fizz
Bottom Left - Models Own Disco Mix Bottom Right - Models Own Ibiza Mix

Models Own Pink fizz is by far the nicest glitter nail polish i have ever used,  i used 2 coats and it was such an opaque colour and it looked like i had just dipped my nail in glitter, so lovely! its such a lovely colour as well, its a Rose gold pinky coloured glitter and just so pretty.

Models own Ibiza mix this is from the HedKandi collection and has some really lovely flecks of glitter in it, its got pale pink, blue, green, silver and gold. they all compliment each other really well, the only thing that i was a bit disappointed with is that the glitter is a bit spacey and it really does take a few coats if you were to wear it on its own, but if you were just using it as a glittery top coat then this would be great! 

Models Own Disco mix is another lovely colour! its got pink, purple and blue glitters in it as is very much like pink fizz in the way it applies, it takes just 2 coats and you have a very opaque glittery nail!! its such a nice colour to wear on you toes on holiday when you have a tan or anytime of the year! this is my favourite out of all the Models Own colours that i picked up.

So thats a little Haul/Reveiw! hope you all liked it and don't forget to follow my blog! 



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    1. Glitter polishes are by far my favourite! I really would recomend the models own ones! They just add abut extra to a normal nail look. Thanks for your comment Sophie :)